Most Americans don't know this..,

NON-RESIDENT US Taxpayers (IRP's) International Retirement Plans 
Secure Compliant TAX FREE International Jurisdictions NOW AVAILABLE with Uncapped Contribution$

A special type of retirement account funded with after tax dollars that acts like a Roth IRA, but with major differences...

International Pension Plan Compliant with FATCA & PFIC's

  • Generates higher savings than other traditional retirement vehicles
  • Access your money 10 years earlier, from the age of 50
  • 30% of fund value Tax Free lump sum cash withdrawals
  • No maximum on contributions, e.g. uncapped Roth IRA
  • Unrestricted access to global markets for higher yield opportunities
  • Compounded returns with full gross roll up. Tax Free growth 
  • Foreign investments not subject to PFICs Penalties
  • Significantly reduced tax on income distribution
  • Currency diversification strategies built in to hedge exchange rates

Ignorance is not bliss, what you don't know can hurt you. Execution is everything.
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