Residency & Citizenship

Opportunities to live, work & open a business in Europe, Caribbean & USA


Understanding the difference between
Residency & Citizenship?


Residency – Ability to live, work and conduct business in another country

Citizenship – Changing your nationality for full passporting rights to another country


Global Citizens & 2nd Passport Benefits


Freedom of Travel; imagine being restricted to only 29 countries to visit without a visa. Compare that with the strongest passport in the world allowing visa free travel to 167 countries. Why should the passport you have restrict where you can travel and do business?

Opportunity; To live, work and open a business in Europe/USA; do you have clients that are looking to move or set up branch offices?

Children’s future/education; The most important thing to any parent, giving your children the best education and best opportunities in life. Why should they be restricted to live, study and work in their citizenship dictated by birth?

Tax benefits; Global taxation becoming an issue for many nationalities, not just on global income but thinking ahead to inheritance tax. Why should global citizens pay tax on accumulating global wealth and then at point of death?

Retirement/healthcare; A global aging population should not be restricted to retire only in the country of citizenship, with ever increasing costs in medical care. Do your clients want the option of retiring in the sun with access to free healthcare?

Security/sanctions; Certain nationalities face restrictions when trying to do business through sanctions and due to political unrest feel unsafe in with their current citizenship. How much would you be prepared to invest of your net worth to be able to sleep at night?

Residency and Citizenship

Residency & Citizenship opportunities to live, work & open a business in Europe, Caribbean & USA


The deVere Group of Companies are here to help high-net-worth individuals and their families, who are looking for better tax optimization opportunities, and ways to expand their travelling freedom.  

This can be achieved by migrating to some of the world’s most welcoming, affluent and safe countries through Investor Immigration Programmes.

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